Matte White YHVH Clay Ring

Matte White YHVH Clay Ring


Hand-carved ring made from polymer clay featuring the original name of the Most-High God in the in the Tetragrammaton (YHVH - Yod Hey Vav Hey) stamped and painted by hand on the surface of shaped and textured clay. 

•• Handmade to order
•• Hand-carved Polymer clay
•• Lightweight and easy to wear

Please note that all my pieces are individually handmade. I do not use molds so each piece of clay is carved and shaped by hand. The patterning on each piece is unique and the scale and texture markings may vary slightly.


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Do not expose to water and store in the included small plastic bag or an airtight container, if possible. This jewelry was handmade using raw materials so care should be taken when handling.